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Briton Infrared provide a range of specialist inspection, testing and locating services to a range of industries, nationwide.

We combine the best available inspection and testing systems with unique methods and a range of industry knowledge to provide solutions to various challenging problems. Our strong background in a range of industrial operations has made us the leaders in innovative inspection methods in even the most arduous environments. Briton Infrared is you one stop Inspection, Testing and Locating provider.


We provide such services as:


  • Electrical Surveys Switchboard thermal imaging inspection- Insurance compliant. Outdoor HV Line surveys, Substation surveys, Transformer inspection.
  • Mechanical Infrared Inspections and Diagnostics Mechanical thermal imaging, Diagnostic assistance, Overheating issues, Pin/bush/hearing temp checks, cooler inspection
  • Routine Predictive Maintenance Surveys Conveyor roller inspection, Belt drag, Electrical system routine checks, Full plant surveys- reducing your unexpected downtime
  • Structural Investigations Concrete, Fiberglass and other composite structures. We locate voids, rusted internal re-bar, delamination, thinning, hidden defects,
  • Tank Level and Sediment Mapping We accurately id and calculate sediment levels in most tanking such as oil, fuel and water.
  • Underground Leak Locating Water and Gas, We locate and pinpoint fluid leaks under concrete, soil, tarmac.
  • Insulation Efficiency Mapping We locate missing or poor insulation and leaks in cooler units, Heating systems, chilled trailers and more.
  • Refractory Investigation We locate and calculate the area of poor or missing insulation, Identify heat tracking etc.
  • Steel and Fiberglass Pipe Inspection We locate areas of thinning and blockages in most pipework carrying all types of fluids and gasses.
  • Process Refinement Assistance We assist with various areas in your manufacturing operation, product temp checks, hopper drier efficiency, product flow and much more..
  • Residential and Commercial Building Inspections We locate hidden roof leaks, wall leaks, window leaks and general areas of unwanted moisture entry. Leaky home inspections
  • Marine Surveys and Inspections We identify various structural areas of concern in hulls, decking and cabins such as rot, delamination, and osmosis.
  • Aerial Infrared Surveys Pipeline leak locating, Natural gas locating, Geological surveys, Thermal activity surveys.
  • Drainage Inspections We locate blockages, faults, collapses and provide general condition inspections.
  • Service and Pipe Locating We locate underground power and date cables, sewer pipes, storm water pipes and ducting.


We are continually testing and developing new methods and solutions for our industrial clients. Please feel free to inquire with any queries on ways we can assist your operation.

Briton Infrared is equipped with a range of Infrared Thermography equipment, Service locating Equipment, CCTV systems for both fresh and sanitary, Gas detection equipment, Moisture meters, Hydraulic Pressure testing equipment, Water pressure testing equipment and more..

Specialized Thermal Imaging and Infrared Thermography